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无论,是萍水相逢还是如约而至;是青梅竹马还是一见钟情;是如水之淡还是其乐融融;最好的相逢就是现在,在身边! 悦湘逢舒心餐厅位于长沙市岳麓区商务职院北门北侧100米,让每一位顾客都能吃得舒服,是悦相逢的经营理念—— 在这里,可以一店吃遍三湘美食,可以尽享宁乡农庄直供的绿色食材,可以自已动手榨不加糖水的果汁,可以免费且不限量使用纸巾,可以免费享用古丈优质毛尖和甘醇的红茶。 夏天晒冬天冷雨天不能出门得宅在家?不存在的!~ 为更好的服务顾客,悦湘逢还提供免费接送服务,专门招聘了多名专属用餐顾问免费接送,让普通人也能享受尊贵的VIP服务。 总之,很简单的就是,想尽一切办法,让你吃得舒服又舒心。

Whether by chance or by appointment; Childhood sweetheart or love at first sight; Is such as water light or happy; The best meeting is now, in the side! Sees yue xiang shu xin to restaurant is located in the north of the north gate of 100 meters, business office in changsha yuelu district court to let every customer can eat satisfied, is the management idea of yue meet - in this case, can eat openning food co, can enjoy the ningxiang farm to straight for green food, can to squeeze by without sugar water juice, can free and unlimited use paper towels, you can enjoy free ancient zhangs black tea maojian tea with high quality and glycol. Summer basks in winter cold rain day cannot go out to have curate at home? It doesn't exist! In order to better serve customers, yuexiangfeng also provides free shuttle service, specially recruited a number of exclusive dining consultants free shuttle, so that ordinary people can enjoy the VIP service. In short, the simple answer is, do whatever it takes to eat comfortably and comfortably.



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